the founders




Who are we?

We are three young entrepreneurs, artists and fresh graduates with our own disciplines and fascinations. All of us are concept developers, researchers and presenters.

Raya van der Kroon

I am an artistic event manager and visual designer, working with a variety of disciplines such as performance art, fashion photography and graphic design. Currently I am collaborating with theatre makers and I am developing my PR and marketing skills through other projects. Other previous projects are to be found on my webpage

Cedric Wiegel

I develop and design sound experiences of all kinds, such as interactive installations, digital sound or performances and sound art, amongst others. Furthermore, I am exploring sound as a technique for product design. I am currently launching ‘Deep Dive Cognition’, a studio for sonology and sound research. Check out my current work at

Nine Parre

I am Nine Parre, graduate from the BA Fashion Design, ArtEZ. During my study I discovered what I’m most passionate about as a designer. My designs are based on my interests in functionality, sustainability and mobility. Fashion is my base and starting point, from there I experiment, collaborate and exchange. I've always been fascinated by the borders of the different disciplines. With my different projects I dare to cross these lines. Currently I am working as a freelancer on many different projects. For more information about my  work, check out my website: