M.E.T.A. café (Meeting to Explore Technology and Art) is a collective of young creators with a vision: making design driven art using technology as tool for creation. We explore the exchange between disciplines to develop new projects, processes and products. Cornerstones of the collective are interdisciplinary collaboration and technological innovation.


1. Form is able to detach itself from function.

2. Technology is a nexus for all disciplines.

3. Build bridges and initiate collaboration.

4. Coffee connects.

5. Methodologize everything we do.

6. Contribute to experiential designs.

7. Amaze.

What is M.E.T.A café

First project: sound and textile

Imagine the presentation of a fashion collection or an accessory that reshapes itself through the influence of soundwaves. Sounds impossible?


We combine technology infused textile with a sense of fashion. We strive to create a form of fabric that is influenced by the physical properties of sound. Through experimentation with Arduino technology (open source hardware) we are able to generate movement in a physical object, such as threads. Since sound is made out of waves, we can use this impulse to make a dynamic product.




the founders